Frequently Asked Questions

YES, you can register your profile FREE on   to receive responses from other members.

Yes. You can register on behalf of your son/daughter/brother/ sister/ friend/relative.


On the Home Page go to the Login  section,  enter your Profile Id  or email id and the password

 Click on the Login button.

If you are a paid member you can contact the member of your interest by clicking

    “Enable  messaging”  or “ Express Interest”.

As a premium member you can send personalized messages with contact details to the shortlisted members.

Log in to your profile page. On the left hand side, if you click on the photo, an icon for edit will Appear. Click on the Icon And now you can add your photograph.

YES, Your photos are secured on Members can only view your photos and they cannot copy or download them easily. You have an option to hide or show your photos.

Log into your profile. Go to Premium Plans page. Find all the benefits you get being a paid member.

Yes. Your online payment is 100% safe. Your credit card, debit card or net banking information are secured as we use the highest level of security measures provided by the websites/portals.